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No matter where you look, whether you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed or reading your favorite magazine, it seems that brilliant new discoveries in the realm of tech are popping up on every corner.

On one hand, they represent extraordinary leaps of human innovation that elevate our capabilities — on the other, they are slowly altering the norms of our everyday lives. So slowly in fact, that those who are not closely following those events hardly ever take notice of any introduced changes. Yet, these slow and steady implementations don’t minimize this notable fact: artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting everything.

On the business side, the truth has always been simple: if you cannot keep up with the times and even be ahead of them, you’ll likely fail to survive the competition. That is why some of the most lucrative, powerful segments of the business world are getting more use out of the latest AI inventions — for the sake of greater success as well as pure survival, businesses need to adapt to the new, tech-enhanced playing field.

1. AI Makes for a Better Customer Experience
AI Makes for a Better Customer Experience

Marketing experts have always had to exhibit above average abilities when it comes to understanding customers and predicting their preferences. Now, however, with the help of a wide variety of applications and similar software tools, agencies can get a significantly deeper insight into the consumers’ mindset. AI algorithms can now analyze the behavior of each individual on social media to tailor a unique and personalized content approach specific to their needs.

AI can now suggest the ideal type of posts for any given target audience, it empowers chatbots to make customer service much more functional, and it takes the brand-customer relationship to an entirely new level. Let’s not forget the voice assistants we use on our phones to conduct searches even when in a brick-and-mortar store. Humanized AI is slowly taking over the reins of customer relationships and making them far more meaningful than we could have anticipated.  

2. Machine Learning Improves Healthcare Services

Machine Learning Improves Healthcare ServicesJust as we have replaced the old-fashioned filing system in hospitals to secure cloud storage alternatives, communications and preventive care has also seen recent upgrades.

AI is being introduced as a smart way to enhance patient care and not just the healing process. More specifically, by using AI, we can predict and calculate if a person has an increased risk of a certain disease, or analyze their lifestyle to predict a potential health decline in the near future.

One example is the IBM’s Watson Health Cloud, which uses complete family history and medical information related to a patient, compares it to others with the same health issue, and finds the best possible treatment. Soon enough, AI-powered systems used in healthcare will be informed well enough to help more people prevent issues and recognize a medical emergency, while also being able to tell what is a false alarm.

3. Automation Saves Law Firms Time

Automation Saves Law Firms TimeAnother sensitive profession that has a profound impact on our lives is the legal system. Constantly dealing with confidential information and sifting through piles of paperwork only to find one piece of information are all part of a lawyer’s typical day at work. They waste hours on gathering and analyzing vital data that will determine someone’s life – and now, with the help of AI, the process has become much smoother and far more effective.

Using natural language processing, AI-powered software can scan through relevant legal documents and label them as relevant or questionable. They can also efficiently analyze contracts and scan them for specific keywords or offer suggestions for edits.

Additionally, with the help of technology paired with human processing, legal professionals can use legal transcription services to turn videos, phone conversations, testimonies, and the like into documented language they can use to support their case. With such a level of automatization, lawyers can spend their valuable time focused on other, more relevant aspects of their work, without a single case suffering in the process.  

4. Artificial Intelligence Breaks Language Barriers

Artificial Intelligence Breaks Language BarriersAt one time or another, we’ve all used Google Translate to simplify our communication with someone, understand a text in a foreign language, or as a part of our work. While the initial translation solutions might not have been the most efficient, Google has implemented machine learning to teach their digital translator to improve on the go. Now, it actually delivers highly realistic translations, despite their complexity or colloquial nature.

However, AI has gone a step further, and we now have devices that can instantly translate speech into a variety of languages as you enjoy a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your own native language. On a different note, AI is used in creative writing, and it’s now able to produce top-notch pieces. Although not necessarily Hemingway-esque, they are still very useful in the world of content marketing. Its ambitions will not end here – by the end of 2050, AI is expected to be able to write a bestseller.

5. AI Creates Safer Transportation

AI Creates Safer TransportationThe name of Tesla is the personification of innovation, from the inventor himself, all the way to Elon Musk’s company of the same name. It’s no wonder then, that Tesla is one of the key players in the game of AI, this time, changing how we commute and travel.

Their driverless vehicles already show great promise for use in the near future, which will have a significant impact on companies such as Uber, taxi services, as well as public transportation. In addition to Tesla, other corporations are making the same effort to introduce the self-driving and even self-flying fleets into the streets as soon as, well, not humanly, but AI-ly possible.

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