The Journey

To cut to the chase, let’s just say my journey started in 2011. I was looking for ways to make some extra cash in high school.

This “boring” elective class that I reluctantly took had started to teach me how to make designs in Photoshop and Illustrator.

I soon started selling logos for a whopping $50 on Twitter (everyone has to start somewhere, right?).

I started making album covers for musicians that I found on Twitter and small websites for music producers. I turned those websites into templates and found out I could make $75 an hour.

This was my first taste of marketing and entrepreneurship.

What I realized during this time was just how powerful social media was. I got all of my business through Twitter, without paying for ads, and through referrals. I was late to the SEO party, so I’ll have to save that “Great Awakening” story for another day.

And so there I was in my room, after classes (and a lot of the time during my classes), trying to figure out how to make enough money to hustle my way through college.

I started appreciating branding and building unique identities. I created more side hustles that never really picked up, and I helped other people brand their side hustles. I started to really see how important marketing was. And then my passion for marketing really sparked up.

I became a marketing manager for the student body government at Grand Canyon University. I managed creative projects for myself and one other graphic designer.

The following year, I applied for the director position and managed marketing initiatives and projects for a team of 8.

It was during this time where I began to really understand efficiency and teamwork. Trying new techniques, new software, and changing some of our old processes allowed my team to complete 97% more marketing projects than we did in the previous year.

Hungry for a new challenge, when a peer of mine approached me with an idea for starting a business, I jumped on board (literally).

We started an electric skateboard company and we failed. A lot.

I started getting good at failing. I couldn’t help but consistently fail. It was depressing at first, but then I started to kind of like it.

It finally clicked.

It wasn’t until I figured out how to fail that I could figure out how to try something else. And constant failure became my go to learning process.

The Blog

This blog is here to help you grow as a person or entrepreneur just as much as it’s here to help me document my thoughts and lessons I’ve personally learned. Hopefully you’ll be able to take something valuable out of my various wins and losses and, at the very least, be entertained.

You’ll find anything here from marketing tips, startup coverage, tech, lessons I’ve learned, and everything in between.

Thanks for stopping by,

Brennan Flentge

Brennan Flentge