5 Important Considerations Before You Hire a Marketing Agency

It can seem overwhelming to conceptualize, execute, and track a full-scale marketing campaign, especially if you have limited internal resources. That’s why so many companies are now preferring to outsource…

Making the Move from Corporate to Entrepreneur

In general, a steady 9 to 5 is comfortably predictable; if you've worked in your field for a while, you’ve acquired unique skills and can anticipate and manage problem areas…

4 Ways Technology Can Help You Increase Business Productivity

It's no secret that technology is driving innovation and improvements across global industries. Although disruptive at first, modern technological solutions are quite beneficial for companies of all sizes. As a…
Turning a Hobby into a Business
Turning a Hobby into a Business: 10 Tips for Starting a Hobby Business
6 Tips for Building an Effective Marketing Strategy
Don’t Let Your Business Become an Invasive Species
Don’t Let Your Business Become an Invasive Species
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Marketing Advice, Startup Tips & Business Trends

Hey, Brennan here. Glad you stumbled across my blog!

Although this is a new blog, my goal is to build a website full of high-quality marketing advice and startup tips, as well as discuss latest business news. I hope to construct resources and guides for driven entrepreneurs and marketers and share what I’ve learned with others.

Have a look around and reach out to me on Twitter if you have any ideas or startup stories to share.

Thanks for stopping by,
Brennan Flentge