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Attention business owners!

Would you be interested in seeing the exact strategy and ad used by the top Phoenix social media marketing agency to bring businesses highly qualified leads with only $100 dollars in marketing?

Sit up and pay attention because I’m about to share the same campaign and results I achieved for one of our social media advertising clients.

The Art of Effective Facebook Advertising

Thanks to Facebook’s scary accurate ability to target audiences and deliver highly relevant ads, direct response marketing strategies have made the platform one of the cost-efficient lead generation tools available to marketers when they approach it correctly. Think of your Facebook ads like a billboard on one of the busiest highways in the world.

If you can create a strong irresistible offer for your target audience then combine it with an eye-catching design or entertaining video, you’ll be able to interrupt the potential customer from mindlessly scrolling on Facebook and actually get a chance at earning that user’s business.

Finding Success with Facebook Advertising

Finding Success with Facebook Advertising

I’m going to break down a small budget campaign that I recently ran for a local Pilates studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. My client’s Pilates business does extremely well in the winter but since most of her business comes from “snowbirds” who leave in the summer, she’s left with a much smaller client base during this time. After reviewing her business, it became apparent that Facebook advertising was the best option for her to quickly generate new business from residents who live in Scottsdale year round without breaking the owners bank on a large marketing budget.

Let’s start with who we’d target for a Pilates studio. I ended up creating an audience with the following requirements:

  1. Must live within a seven-mile radius of the client’s Pilates studio.
  2. Must be a woman between the ages of 24-55.
  3. Must be interested in fitness and wellness or Pilates.

Facebook targeting is simple. Marketers try to get super ‘ninja’ with their audience creation but oftentimes this can limit your audience size and negatively affect your campaign.

Another Successful Facebook Ad

So now we have a solid audience to target, but how am I going to get their attention? Just take a look at the following ad below…

Beyond Pilates Fitness Facebook Ad

  • “Hey Pilates lovers in Scottsdale!” This simple but effective opening copy allows me to speak directly to my audience in their timeline and will increase the chance that they’ll stop scrolling.
  • Then I hit them with my offer. Since I know everyone seeing this ad is interested in fitness or Pilates, 3 free classes will sound like a sweet deal for them.
  • What will 3 free Pilates classes cost them? Only their name, email and phone number so my client can contact them and schedule their classes.

All they need to do is click ‘SIGN UP’ and the user will be taken to a lead capture form. In this case, I used a Facebook lead generation card, which can be made in just a few minutes on Facebook. This tool will even automatically populate the user’s information. Now my client can easily reach out to their leads to schedule their trial classes. From then on, the goal is to provide a high-quality experience with the goal of converting them into a monthly membership customer.

Our Social Media Marketing Results

The average cost per lead on this campaign consistently sits around $7. So, after putting $100 into this campaign, we had received 14 highly qualified leads who want to experience my client’s business.

Not bad for $100 dollars, right?

If you’re willing to put in the time and energy it takes to learn how to effectively run a Facebook marketing campaign, you can see some serious results with just $100.

Quick Facebook Advertising Tip:

The results above are from the first $100 we spent but this campaign was originally created with the intention of spending $500 on ads. As the campaign runs, Facebook learns and ideally the cost per lead can be reduced. We had to pause the campaign just shy of a $400 spend because our client could no longer take on any newer clients…and that’s not a bad problem to have.

Austin Urlocker

Austin Urlocker

Austin Urlocker is a social media pro who specializes in creating organic and paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. As the social strategist for My Biz Niche, Austin uses his obsession for seeking out the latest social media trends and tactics to successfully grow the social media presence of My Biz Niche clients.

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